Aktuelle Entwicklung


Fondstyp Aktienfonds
Branche Branchenmix
Ursprungsland Luxemburg
KESt-Meldefonds -
Auflagedatum 25.05.2022
Fondsvolumen 12,86 Mio. EUR

Größte Positionen

AIB Group plc 3,90 %
Deutsche Boerse AG 3,60 %
Edenred SA 3,50 %
Brembo S.p.A. 3,40 %
Sonstiges 85,60 %


Zeitraum vor AGA nach max. AGA
1 Jahr +8,60 % +3,36 %
3 Jahre p.a. - -
5 Jahre p.a. - -
52W Hoch:
102,7900 EUR
52W Tief:
83,6900 EUR

Konditionen (gültig für ex-HB Depots)

Ausgabeaufschlag 5,00 %
Mindestveranlagung 1.500,00 EUR
Sparplan Nein
Managementgebühr 2,20 %
Annahmeschluss -

Fonds Prospekte

Keine Daten verfügbar


The objective of DIGITAL FUNDS Stars Eurozone (referred to herein as the "Sub-Fund" or "DIGITAL Stars Eurozone") is to achieve long-term appreciation of its capital and to outperform the Eurozone markets, through the use of a sophisticated quantitative model to identify the "stars" performers. The Sub-Fund seeks to limit the environmental, social and governance impacts of its investments and to favour companies with the lowest exposure to ESG risks, taking into account their ability to manage these risks. The Sub-Fund will invest in equities from the main Eurozone member states. The universe consists currently of approximately 2,000 listed equities covered by the research of at least one broker. For safety reasons, the Sub-Fund will currently be interested only in approximately 800 equities followed by at least 3 brokers and whose capitalization exceeds EUR 100,000,000. Such list will be updated at least on a quarterly basis to take into consideration the new introduction as well as any change in company coverage intensity or capitalization.
Fondsmanager: Alexandre Morlot, Julien Bernier, Aymar de Léotoing


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